Kiel was my point of contact while he was still with his old firm (as he was still building his new firm on his own). Once his new firm opened, he was kind enough to take my case with him as we had built a repertoire together and we were deep. I'll tell you straight up, my case was difficult. Kiel has been everything I could ask for in my unfortunate circumstance. He has been prompt, on his "A-game," professional, courteous, and most of all, he has been a good listener. The results I got from Kiel were far better than I could have hoped for. Going through the legal system is not a pleasant experience. However, should you find yourself in a difficult time and in need of legal consultation, look no further than Kiel Evans. Hopefully I do not need a lawyer in the future, but if I do, he's my first call. You won't go wrong

Drew P.

Best lawyer I had! Kiel is very kind, caring and will fight for your case and get you the best results. I had two felonies and he was able to get them dismissed and worked out a great deal. You will NOT be disappointed. Communication is key and he does that and his job very well. Thank you, Kiel, you the best.

Jimmy S.

Austin, TX

Kiel Evans recently represented me in a dui case and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. He was curtious, extremely professional and very attentive to my situation. I would recommend him to every body. There's still a lot to be said about honesty and the power of a handshake, Mr Evans definitely proved that. Bad*** attorney for real

Brant D.

I was wrongfully stopped in Williamson county in 2016 , I hired Kiel Evans to respresent me , they were trying to charge me with a DWI, Kiel Evans got my case dismissed completely , he has great communication skills and knows how to do his research, he also has great judgment for his clients. I would definitely hire Kiel Evans again if needed to be and i highly recommend him to anyone that ends up in similar situations

Dana Y., Leander, TX

Kiel Evans represented me in a recent case for DUI. I couldn't have been more pleased to have him as my attorney. He was very professional, analytical, and most importantly tough. We contested illegal searches and seizures and was able to get my case dismissed. Not only do I recommend him but I HIGHLY suggest you let him represent you

Isaac M.

The man you want on your side!

Kiel Evans represented me in a recent case for DUI. I couldn't have been more pleased to have him as my attorney. He was very professional, analytical, and most importantly tough. We contested illegal searches and seizures and was able to get my case dismissed based on the fact the police had no probably cause for the stop. Taking a case all the way to suppression hearings and trial can be extremely intimidating and scary. But he made it as easy and comfortable as the experience could be.

Not only do I recommend him but I HIGHLY suggest you let him represent you


Outstanding abilities and human kindness
Long story shortened I was charged for a second degree felony for suposed strangling. I called Kiel and told him what was going on I told him the truth as well as the story against me. Within minutes he assured me we could win the case and had a game plan for the whole deal to fight it. A few months later and he did what he said he was going to do he got rid of the felony and got me a minor misdemeanor that had a couple of steps he made a breeze for me to comply with being as I work full time and have a family to support. This is the only laywer I'll ever recommend when it comes to a man who cares about his clients and also gets stuff done


Kiel Evans represented me in a case not too long ago and he did a wonderful job. I honestly would refer anyone to him because he is a lawyer you can trust and he will go to bat for you.

Ashton C.

Pure genius!! Can't recommend him enough!!!
He has handled 2 cases for me successfully in the last 5 years!! Thanks, Kiel.

Mike C.

Kiel is a very experienced attorney that got my case dismissed. He kept me consistently updated on my case and always responded promptly to any question that I had. Kiel has a unique perspective, having worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney. His experience gives him insight on both sides, prosecution and defense. If you need an experienced lawyer with a proven track record, I highly recommend Kiel.

Ashley M.

He is amazing. Prompt, communicative, friendly, and on top of the game. I have nothing but great things to say about him. Definitely recommend him for an attorney for any type of case!!

Melissa F.

Kiel Evans is tenacious, effective, and affordable. He truly helped me at a time I thought was hopeless. He has restored my faith in my fellow man and helped to reconcile me with my wife. Thank you is all I can say and it doesn't seem enough.

Wendell L.

Trustworthy, Professional, Attentive, Mindful, Attention to Detail and most of all DEFINITELY a lawyer that I'm so GRATEFUL I was able to have in my corner. The Travis County Court system does NOT believe in the phrase "innocent until proven guilty", and the Prosecutors will be biased, untruthful, and frame you as someone you are not. They will distort testimonies, and even the judge's words. This is exactly what I went through, and I'm so thankful I had Kiel there for me.

Kiel Evans was able to quickly catch very cunning, manipulative, and rapid things that the Prosecutors were doing and saying. Sadly, in many ways little nuances, opinions, and distorted opinions matter more in the court of law than the actual LAW does in Travis County. I'm so thankful that I hired Kiel G. Evans so that I was represented the way I deserved to be. He is a thorough and diligent attorney, an upright man, and one of the most amazing and kind dog owners I've ever met.

Adam N.

Hands down saved my life. Thank you Kiel.

Paul S.

Attorney Evans was professional and very informative about the process.

TaKeisha W.

Working with Kiel was great. He was on time, responsive, and helped us more than the other offices we called. We are very grateful to him to get a positive outcome on our case in a timely manner. I give him my full recommendation.

Padma H.


Kiel is a former prosecutor and is now a great defense attorney. He has a unique style that allows him to be a nice guy and yet very aggressive in the defense of his clients. He really knows his way around a courtroom.

David Langenfeld

Discrimination Attorney

When I was a prosecutor, Kiel and I worked as opposing counsel on numerous cases, including one that went to trial. Kiel is incredibly knowledgeable about the law and zealously defends his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a defense attorney.

Alejandro Martinez

Criminal Defense Attorney

Kiel is a very experienced and accomplished attorney. He is one of the best trial lawyers I know and would highly recommend him.

Joseph O'Bell

Business Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. I have always known Kiel to be a very knowledgeable and skilled attorney. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding criminal matters and my first choice when needing assistance in Travis County.

Desmond Cooks

Criminal Defense Attorney