Don’t Let Your Past Follow You Into the Future

Don’t Let Your Past Follow You Into the Future

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If you were arrested for a crime a long time ago, you may think the worst of it is over. Unfortunately, if you try to find housing or change careers, your old charges could come back to haunt you. The Law Office Of Kiel G. Evans helps clients get rid of old arrests to move their lives forward. Attorney Kiel G. Evans works with clients to obtain and draw up:

  • Criminal record sealing and expungements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Occupational driver’s licenses
  • Hardship licenses

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Attorney Kiel G. Evans has worked in law since 2008. Over the past decade, he has helped people in Round Rock, TX and the surrounding areas get their lives back on track after they’ve been charged with crimes. When you work with a talented and aggressive lawyer like attorney Kiel G. Evans, you have someone on your side who will fight hard for your rights.

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